55" FHD PC All-In-One Kiosk
55" FHD PC All-In-One Kiosk

ModelLCD Digital Signage-Network type

Ø  Support playing HD program

Ø  Integrated network advertising system, embedded with Linux system, the background operation system support windows XP/windows 2003/windows 7 and etc.

Ø  Support to update program from distance, and manage terminal setting, program editing,release management ,user management,system management.

Ø  Support to split screen, user can setting display area or the number of display area.

Ø  Support inter-cut playing, timed playing, cycle playing,playing time can be regulated to any second through remote control.

Ø  Support WIFI,3G,LAN

Ø  Support classified user management, support film source approval function.

Ø  Support wireless remote control, wired control, local control.

Ø  Support real time marquee, different marquee playing.

Ø  Support remote control display and rotate playback.

Ø  Support remote control power on/off and timed power on/off.

Ø  Support display failure detecting, when terminal appear failure, control centers will display failure details, failure position, failure cause and etc.

Ø  Support watchdog function, can monitoring and rectify in time.

Ø  Support update program synchronize through network signal, support SD card or USB update program.

Ø  Support media file preview.

Ø  Support mix playing with split screen , support manual setting split screen display video, picture, LOGO, time and etc.

Ø  Support cycle playing program, you can setting playing time.

Ø  Support real time inter-cut playing, display video, marquee.

Ø  Reduce management cost, support remote control system update.

Ø  Support live broadcasting, obtaining information from internet.

Ø  Support to manage playing reports and daily records, serving user to get efficient data.

Ø  Supported to build up secondary server to reduce network delaying, thus enhance the stability of the whole system.

Ø  Support to resume updating programs from breaking point, and can start downloading programs according schedule

Ø  Support auto power off mode and standby mode, extend product device lifespan

Ø  Support plug-and-play, avoid virus, power on stability and fast

Ø  Support timer function

Ø  Support OSD language: Chinese, English


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